GREEN PINEUHF Airborne Early Warning Communications System
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Perhaps his eyes, fixed so steadfastly upon the distant horizon, were not, as it seemed, following the graceful outline of that grove of dark green pine trees, but were indeed searching back into the corners of his life, measuring up the good and evil of it, asking the eternal question--was it worth while?
My days in the woods were not very long ones; yet I usually carried my dinner of bread and butter, and read the newspaper in which it was wrapped, at noon, sitting amid the green pine boughs which I had cut off, and to my bread was imparted some of their fragrance, for my hands were covered with a thick coat of pitch.
To the north of that, again, there comes another cape--Cape of the Woods, as it was marked upon the chart--buried in tall green pines, which descended to the margin of the sea.
When they issued from the stunted woods which clung to the barren sides of the mountain, upon a flat and mossy rock that formed its summit, they met the morning, as it came blushing above the green pines of a hill that lay on the opposite side of the valley of the Horican.
Green Pine, which reportedly has CNY2bn (approximately USD293m) of assets under management to date, will become a 13% holder of the enlarged registered capital of a Chinese subsidiary of Aesthetic in this second round of funding.
Dad had been there before, apparently so had we as infants, and he said it offered awesome views of the Himalayan snow peaks and fresh green pine trees covering the hills.
Officials in Seoul announced earlier this month South Korea will buy the Green Pine Block-B radar system from Israel to detect and track North Korean ballistic missiles.
Clock-watchers won't be able to peel their gaze away from the colorful red, yellow, orange and green Pine Ridge logo that adorns the clock's stark, white face and contrasts impeccably with its black plastic housing.
The MPB wood showed almost the same dry density as that of green pine and about 23 percent higher dry density than that of the aspen.
Eventually my daughter, now slightly scratched, emerged into the bedroom, dripping a trail of green pine needles in her wake ( across the hall, up the stairs, along the landing and onto my mattress, where, no doubt, they would remain imbedded forever.
32), the Python beyond-visual-range missile, the Green Pine radar, advanced assault rifles, and Galil sniper rifles.