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The first phase of the biomass project, once ready, will avoid the burning of more than 74,000 tons of sub-bituminous coal or the emission of 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide, thus contributing in the global effort to mitigate the green house effect of harmful gases in the atmosphere.
The concentration of nitrous oxide also rose by 20 per cent and all these are causing green house effect in our planet.
Washington, July 2 (ANI): Scientists at the Carnegie Institution have said that while scrubbing carbon dioxide from the air could reduce green house effect, the carbon cycle would limit the effectiveness of a one-time effort.
Increasing rates of nitrogen usage in agriculture and other human made activities has doubled the amount of fixed nitrogen over the levels present during pre-industrial times which is ultimately worsening the green house effect, adding to smog, contaminating the fresh water, causing eutrophication and reducing the protective layer of ozone.