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GCGeneral Contractor
GCGrand Chase (video game)
GCGuitar Center (musical equipment chain store)
GCGames Convention (Leipzig, Germany)
GCGarbage Collection (LISP)
GCGameCube (Nintendo)
GCGas Chromatography
GCGeneral Conference (United Methodist Church)
GCGeneral Counsel
GCGround Control
GCGeneral Chat (website)
GCGeneral Convention (Episcopal Church)
GCGénie Civil (French: Civil Engineering)
GCGas Chromatograph
GCGuardia Civil (Spain)
GCGeneral Classification (cycling)
GCGroup Captain (Royal Air Force)
GCGame Card (gaming)
GCGarbage Can
GCGuidance Counselor
GCGas Chamber
GCGuanine-Cytosine (DNA base pairing)
GCGeneric Code
GCGalactic Conquest (computer game)
GcGroup-Specific Component (proteins)
GCGroup Control
GCGroup Command (ITU-T Rec. T.30)
GCGarrison Commander
GCGalvanic Corrosion
GCGeneral Casualty (insurance company)
GCGeneral Cost
GCGeneral Cable Corporation
GCGerminal Centre (lymph nodes)
GCGas Cooled
GCGem City
GCGuard Channel
GCGuidance Computer
GCGeneral Discharge
GCGeneral Corrosion (protection)
GCGamecenter.com (C|Net)
GCGambia International Airlines (IATA airline code)
GCGuardians Council (Iranian government agency)
GCGarden Center, Inc
GCGuarded Command
GCClayey Gravels (soil type)
GCGame Chick
GCGame Càfe
GCGroup Currency (finance)
GCGaining Command
GCGeneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, 12 August 1949
GCGlivenko-Cantelli (condition)
GCGalactic Commander (gaming)
GCGyro Control
GCGavel Club
GCGeneralized Compound (model)
GCGamecatcher (magazine)
GCGraphics Conferencing
GCGrand Computers
GCGeneral Communications Incorporated
GCGeneral Chairside Examination
GCGarrison Code (US Army)
GCGregChant Enterprises, LTD
GCGrand Chinchilla (rabbit breed)
GCGround Cadets
GCGuaranty Period Complete
GCGiwirr Consultants
GCGood Counsel
GCGreensboro College (North Carolina)
GCGoldbach's Conjecture
GCGrand Charm (gaming)
GCGreeley Central High School (Greeley, Colorado)
GCGrammar Check
GCGeorgian College (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
GCGravity Center (physics)
GCGreater Cincinnati
GCGeographic Center
GCGood Charlotte (band)
GCGold Coast (Queensland, Australia)
GCGoshen College (Indiana)
GCGlobal Configuration
GCGeorge Carlin (comedian)
GCGeorge Cross
GCGerman Democratic Republic
GCGhirardelli Chocolate
GCGift Certificate
GCGigacycle (now Gigahertz)
GCGlobal Catalog
GCGlobal Change
GCGlobal Crossing
GCGood Condition
GCGovernment Centre
GCGovernment College (Lahore, Pakistan)
GCGovernment Contractor
GCGovernment Contribution
GCGovernment of Canada
GCGrand Champion
GCGrand Circle
GCGreat Circle
GCGreenville College (Greenville, Illinois)
GCGoldsmiths College (UK)
GCGonorrhea Culture
GCGreek Cypriot
GCGrand Coulee (Washington)
GCGhetto Child
GCGrammar and Composition
GCGhost Click
GCGolden Coin (gaming)
GCGranular Computing
GCGlobal Calling
GCGoogle Chrome (web browser)
GCGood Conduct (Medal USMC)
GCGlobus Consortium
GCGliomatosis Cerebri (rare primary brain tumor)
GCGolf Course
GCGovernment Connect
GCGood Call
GCGlobal Community (Left Behind book series)
GCGlobal Custodians
GCGroove Coverage (band)
GCGlobal Compact (UN)
GCGolf Channel
GCGlobal Conferencing (Global One)
GCGreencastle (Indiana)
GCGrade Change
GCGeocoin (geocaching)
GCGlobal Consulting
GCGreek Circle (magazine; Chicago, IL)
GCGovernment Code
GCGerman Club
GCGoing Commando (game)
GCGolden Child (musician)
GCGreen Card
GCGold Certificate (currency)
GCGraphics Context
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Lagan Construction has secured a deal to provide enhanced water supply to the locals of Greencastle on the Inishowen Peninsula in Ireland.
Greencastle, Indiana is home to a unique blend of industrial and commercial businesses as well as a top ranking private liberal arts college--DePauw University.
He also won the Best in Paint Motorcycle Class award in 2009 and 2011 for the Greencastle Run for Fun.
Greencastle Resources Limited (Greencastle) (TSX VENTURE: VGN), a diversified investment company, has announced that Centaur Resources Limited has started testing the first of two wells recently drilled in the Cabri area of Southwestern Saskatchewan.
ALTHOUGH GREENCASTLE, with population of about 10,000, is a small city, the Putnam County seat located 40 miles west of Indianapolis is energized for a future of its own design.
GREENCASTLE, PA: Matrix Development Group announced a 1,033,470 s/f lease extension for World Kitchen, LLC.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-11 April 2008-Verizon adds 11 new cell sites in Greencastle, Cloverdale and other communities in Putnam County(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The two-car collision happened near Greencastle, Co Donegal, close to the border with Derry.
currently working as a Consultant for Accenture; and Ian, 22, a graduate of DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind.
Box 103, Greencastle, IN 46135; (765) 655-1400; www.
Deborah Gangloff: I found the enclosed June 1927 issue of American Forests and Forest Life in an antique store in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.
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