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GRISGrid Resource Information Service
GRISGamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer
GRISGruppo di Ricerca e Informazione Socio-Religiosa (Italian: Religious Sects Research)
GRISGlobal Reconnaissance Information System
GRISGlobal Resources Information System
GRISGCCS Reconnaissance Information System
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I met Konrad Salwey, the producer of my pinot gris, some months ago and he enthused about his wine which was born out of the volcanic soils in Baden.
If they come to the conclusion that their assumptions of a very high probability of support for the GRIs owned by Abu Dhabi and the UAE federal government should be lowered even modestly, to a level that assumes high but not very high probability of support, then some ratings could drop by several notches.
Riesling, pinot blanc and sylvaner are delicious with seafood, whereas the more complex pinot gris and the spicy gewurztraminer are particularly fine with poultry such as duck and goose.
Amant Gris made most of the running in Europe's Grand National but went the wrong side of the markers at the tenth fence along with three other runners.
He named the new group Gris Gris, after Dr John's 1968 debut album that blended New Orleans rhythm and blues with Middle Eastern chanting in a veil of voodoo mysticism.
At one time, the Pinot Gris grape grew abundantly among the Pinot Noir grapes of Burgundian vineyards and was prized for its ability to add softness to one of Burgundy's sweeter reds.
Parmi les autres lithologies exotiques, d'origine lointaine, on a trouve plusieurs blocs d'anorthosite dont certains de taille metrique; quelques dizaines de cailloux de calcaire fossillifere de Trenton (Ordovicien); beaucoup de quartzites blancs ou roses, et quelques roches ferriferes; deux blocs de coglomerat A clastes calcaires apparemment appalachiens et quelques autres a galets de quartz ainsi que deux blocs de schistes appalachiens, l'un gris, l'autre rouge.
An awe-stricken Atonist reports this defeat within the framework of the novel's overriding metaphor deriving from a telescoping of old radio scripts, paperback adventure stories, and the language of hoodoo: "The Kid put some kind of a cross on her, had some kind of gris gris dolls placed in her transmitter and the Woman had to sign off and get out of town" (129).
The exhibition "Bronislava Nijinska: Classic on the Edge" follows the trajectory of the choreographer's far-reaching career with a display of original artworks by such painters as Juan Gris and Marie Laurencin (both of whom designed for her), vintage photographs, and precious memorabilia.
Since more people are drinking wine, have on hand a variety of dry white wines Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris or Chardonnay--as well as such light reds as Beaujolais, Italian Merlot, Bardolino, Valpolicella, Swiss Dole or Merlot.
Chaves Gris, Director of the Department of Animal Pathology at UNAM and head of the Johne's program in Mexico said, "We are very happy that GeneThera was introduced to us and are optimistic that they and our people can come up with a fast and accurate test for Johne's Disease and an eventual vaccine for this big problem.
March 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- King Estate Winery, the iconic Willamette Valley based Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris producer, announces the promotion of Megan McKinnon, Controller, to Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Compliance Officer and Inventory Manager, Lisa Frasieur, to Controller.