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Eleven US/European studies assessing depression risk factors with HIV First author Year(s) n Location Anagnostopoulos (4) 2010-2013 4422 Switzerland (SHCS) Bhatia (8) 2006-2007 200, 32% F Houston Carrico (9) 2000-2002 2902, 24% F 4 US cities Grov (10) 2005 914 >50 New York years old, City 29% F Gutierrez (7) 2004-2010 5185, 26% F Spain, CoRIS cohort Justice (11) 2001-2002 50 VACS 5 sites Marando (12) Current 690, 27% F Italy ART era Rodkjaer (5) 2005 205, 24% F Denmark Shacham (6) 2007 514, 32% F St.
Several qualitative accounts and descriptive surveys in the academic literature detail women's reports of feeling unattractive in situations in which their sexual partners watch pornography (Albright, 2008; Bergner & Bridges, 2002; Bridges, Bergner, & Hesson-Mclnnis, 2003; Grov et al.
Furthermore, Craigslist remains an effective source to recruit MSM (Downing, Antebi, & Schrimshaw, 2014; Grov, 2012).
Accumulations and excretion of five heavy metals by the salt-marsh Cord grass Spartina townsendii Grov.
To generate the large, complete genome dataset needed for phylogeographic analysis, we obtained 12 GROV strains from the American Type Culture Collection (ATTC VR394, strain CoH352111; Manassas, VA, USA) or from the World Reference Center for Emerging Viruses and Arboviruses (all other GROV strains; University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX, USA).
See SMITH & Grov, supra note 146, at 26 (citing David S.
and Grov (health and nutrition sciences, Brooklyn College) offer a window into male prostitution in the United States, albeit a somewhat limited view as their analysis (beyond a short discussion of the general history of male prostitution and how it has been discussed by social science over the past 100 years) is based entirely on interviews with escorts at a single Internet-facilitated agency in a mid-sized East Coast city.
that Rule 23 simply did not cover the question in Shady Grov (35)--a
The centre replaces Scotland s t a r A le x Grov e a nd t he Murrayfield supremo insists the midf ielder has proved in training he's worthy of a call.
The fact that being older was found to significantly reduce LGBT tolerance resonates with prior research (Persell, Green and Gurevich 2001; Lewis 2003; Fetner 2005; Grov et al 2006) regarding the role of age in explaining LGBT intolerance.