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GRUEGreat Underground Empire (Zork game)
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The archaic text -239-LL stated that Xia had the grue official colour.
Grue, who worked at P&G from 1998 to 2002 before setting up Fairfield, would send the fake invoices to Brown and the pair would split the cash.
Michael Wiseman- Grue died five days after being knifed by Thomas Lythgoe.
It bespeaks recognition that the project of negotiating our tradition is a semi-violent one--and celebrates this process in all its grue some messiness.
A GRUE SOM Estring of murderers, rapists and master-crooks who laughed at the law for years are at last being brought to justice through DNA profiling.
Across cultures, people tend to classify hundreds of different chromatic colors into eight distinct categories: red, green, yellow or orange, blue, purple, brown, pink, and grue (green or blue), note researchers from Ohio State University, Columbus.
For myn entent ys for to fulfyll, As my gloryus god the to honer, To do agen thy entent, yt shuld grue me yll, Or agen thyn lawe for to reporte.
I thought that grue meant a "working girl" and I thought .
Grue of the University of Washington in Seattle and his colleagues reported at the SETAC meeting.
property and liability rules, as grue is from green and blue.
Although Grue demanded a more gruelling work-tempo during the late summer harvest, Martin remained optimistic.