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GFPRGuaranteed Fixed Price Remediation
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Harrie Noy, the Company's Chairman, stated, "The award of these projects demonstrates the growing momentum within the Department of Defense for guaranteed fixed price remediation and the Army's leadership position in advancing this approach in the pursuit of their Environmental Cleanup Strategy (ECS).
ARCADIS' Clean Base Program applies the private-sector approach of guaranteed fixed price remediation to military installations.
ECS, an XL Capital company and one of the nation's leading providers of environmental insurance, designed the program exclusively for ARCADIS G&M and its Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation Program (GRiP).
ARCADIS G&M's Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation Program (GRiP) is being used for a portion of the environmental cleanup work at the former military base.
ARCADIS has been performing guaranteed fixed price remediation contracts since 1994.
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