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GUNITGuerilla Unit (rap group)
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While at the concentration camp, Campo stealthily organized a guerilla unit called 'Davao Katipunan' to continue his unfinished task as a freedom fighter.
Paul Atal, commander of the Philippine Army's 5th Infantry Division, said the items may belong to the Komiteng Larangan Guerilla Baggas, a local guerilla unit operating in Kalinga.
If the police had not caught me, I would have been part of the women's guerilla unit in the jungles of Abujmarh," she said with a smile.
He claimed to have led a guerilla unit of 8,000 soldiers and said he received 300 war medals including the US Congressional Medal of Honour for his exploits.
The judges said it was clear the murders were carried out by the CPP, but it failed to directly link the crimes to Sison, whom it said is ''still playing a leading role'' in the party and its underground guerilla unit.
Insisting that Marcos should not be accorded a hero's burial, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines earlier denied the claim of the late President that he received three military medals and was recognized as the leader of his supposed guerilla unit.
The slain rebels were believed to be part of a guerilla unit from the island that had moved to Batangas in preparation for the collection of the so-called permit to campaign fee from local candidates in the 2016 elections.
After he proved his mettle in battle, he headed the NPA's main regional guerilla unit of the Davao and Agusan area and credited for countless raids and agaw-armas (disarming) operations.
The commander of the East Pakistan Rifles (formerly the Eastern Frontier Rifles) brought his troops over to Sheikh Rahman's side and guerilla units known as the Mukti Bahini ("freedom fighters") were formed.
Necessary measures were taken to achieve their three objects: of protection, of uniting and involving the people, and of development, with the ultimate aim of isolating the guerilla units from the population.
The guerilla units matured into units excellently adapted to warfare in the hills.