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GURGround Under Repair
GURGeneral University Requirement
GURGreyhound Underground Railroad (dog rescue)
GURAlotau, Papua New Guinea - Gurney (Airport Code)
GURGenerate Unmatched Item Report
GURGeographic Underwriting Report
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He believes that his view was also shared by Khyung sprul Rin po che, who built his monastery in Gur gyam near mKhar gdong ri and Khyung chen spungs pa'i ri for that very reason.
Gur reported, who is president-elect of the Society of Biological Psychiatry.
At Lough Gur L the first phase produced evidence for three circular or oval structures (Grogan & Eogan 1987: figure 35).
14) In addition to the massive and rapid expulsions of 1947-48, and the vast clearings of the Jordan Valley and Suez Canal regions in 1970 mentioned by Gur, the Israelis drove 250,000 or more from their homes in the 1978 invasion of Lebanon.
The rest of the production is crushed either by the sugar mills for manufacturing of white sugar, or by the farmers for making gur, shakkar or khandsari.
Gur represents an important substitute for sugar especially in the rural areas and can be a possible item for policy intervention.
High School Kodar, Primary Pathshala Jalwa, Pal Basti, Khairi, Dodhar, Rai Colony Bijpur And Gur
Nuair a fhuair e soilleireachadh gur e Prosdanaich le Gaidhlig na h-Alba a bh' aige, rinn e gaire, ach gu nearbhasach.
The export of gur and gur products increased by 86.
Stop here at: Kanhaiya Sweets (breakfast of halwa-poori and gur da karah), Surjit Food Plaza (tandoori chicken and mutton tikka), Makhan Fish (lightly fried sole fish served with kulcha).
Research company A&G's owner Adil Gur commented on the current situation in Turkey two months before the elections.
Mae ambell i gur pen yn codi yn ystod gem gynghrair bwysig yn erbyn Y Tymbl pan mae Carl, Dingram a Twmoey yn dechrau dioddef ar 'l noson hwyr.