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H2QHarvest-to-Query (software)
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Following the establishment of Strauss Water, the operations of H2Q and Tami4 were merged with the aim of integrating the technology developed by H2Q with Tami4's capabilities, in order to serve as the infrastructure for Strauss Water's activities in Israel and internationally.
The San Diego based H2Q Consulting will partner with Spectre Industries to develop and coordinate overall market awareness, shareholder communications and public relations.
The acquisition of Tana Industries (Tami 4) is a direct extension of Strauss' penetration into the drinking water category initiated over two years ago with Strauss' investment in H2Q, a developer of a drinking-water maintenance technology, with a view to becoming a global player supplying drinking water solutions to consumers worldwide.
This acquisition, completed on October 1, 2009, is a direct continuation of Strauss's entry into the drinking water industry, which began some three years ago when Strauss invested in H2Q with the aim of becoming a significant global player in providing drinking water solutions to consumers in and outside of Israel.
Following the successful completion of the due diligence process and receipt of all approvals required by State authorities, H2Q, which is controlled by Strauss Group has now completed the acquisition of all of Tana Industries Ltd shares.
2 (1) Israel includes exports and Max Brenner in Israel, H2Q (2) Before other income and expenses.
2 *Israel includes export and Max Brenner Israel, H2Q ** International activity includes International Coffee, Sabra and Max Brenner Financial Review: Sales