H3EHigher Engineering Education for Europe
H3EHelix 3 Enterprise (software suite)
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1 Place du Commerce, lie des Soeurs, QC H3E 1A2; 514/766-9554 ext 222
The electric Hummer H3E is the result of a two-year development program in cooperation with General Motors.
For more information on geothermal power and the electric Hummer H3E, go to our website rasertech.
1 Place du Commerce, Bureau 320, Ile des Soeurs, QC H3E 1A2; 514/766-9554 ext 222,
In fact the H3E drove over 50 miles using only approximately 60% of the battery pack.
We are also pleased with the outstanding reception we have had to the launch of Raser's Symetron Drive System, in the Hummer H3E plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.
com, Neo Advertising, 14, Place du Commerce Suite 420, Montreal, Quebec, H3E 1T5, Tel: +1-514-344-5757 ext.
NYSE: RZ) announced today it will showcase its plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the Electric Hummer H3E, at the Western Governors' Association Annual Meeting in Park City, Utah.
For more information, contact the company at 14 Commerce Place, Suite 510, Nuns' Island, Quebec, H3E 1T5, tel.
Inc Headquarters Address: 8 Place du Commerce Verdun, Quebec H3E 1N3 Canada Main Telephone: 514-925-5100 Website: www.
350, Ile-des-Soeurs, Verdun, Quebec, Canada H3E 1T5, Telephone: (514)448-6000, Fax: (514)448-6001, Website: www.