H4DHere 4 Days (band)
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Now the fact is, this 'ere hoss is just pulled down with overwork in the cabs; he's not an old one, and I heerd as how the vetenary should say, that a six months' run off would set him right up, being as how his wind was not broken.
Its office helpers were all known to the "Army" by quaint titles--"Inky Ike," "the Bald-headed Man," "the Redheaded Girl," "the Bulldog," "the Office Goat," and "the One Hoss.
Mas'rs' hoss wants rubben down; see how he splashed hisself; and Jerry limps too; don't think Missis would be willin' to have us start dis yer way, no how.
Swar away, ole fellow (says I to myself ); will yer have yer hoss now, or wait till you cotch him?
Yer oughter seen how mad he looked, when I brought the hoss up.
I reckon they'll come after old Hoss Williams to-night.
they said he'd got no more grip o' the hoss than if his legs had been cross-sticks: my grandfather heared old Squire Cass say so many and many a time.
He comes here to preach of a Sunday afternoon, sir, an' puts up his hoss here.
They's only one thing for you to do, old hoss, an' that's beat it.