HAAAHarvard Arab Alumni Association
HAAAHenderson Area Arts Alliance
HAAAHalifax Area Advertising Authority
HAAAHepatitis-Associated Aplastic Anemia (disorder)
HAAAHalton Aircraft Apprentice Association (UK)
HAAAHeritage Area Agency on Aging (Cedar Rapids, IA)
HAAAHypo Auditory Aesthetic Aphasia
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Specifications of the type of nonimmune serum as blocking agent to be added to the reagent formulation or alternative blocking agent used to neutralize the effect of heterophilic antibodies and HAAAs.
The results of pretreatment of the sample with the HBT before reanalysis with the original formulation were consistent with the presence of a HAAA.
Furthermore, anecdotal evidence based on two samples suggests that the new formulation is more robust than the original with respect to interference by HAAAs.
The endogenous antibody should be classified as a specific HAAA [for example, human anti-rabbit antibody or human anti-mouse antibody (HAMA)].
If the interfering antibody shows activity against test antibodies from the same species, the interference may be classified as a specific HAAA if the interfering antibody shows a strong avidity for the suspected immunizing species compared with other species.
By adding the term specific to antibodies with clearly defined immunogens, the term HAMA or other HAAA could continue to be used to refer to a heterophile antibody recognized in mouse assays or other animal-specific assays.
That is to say, should specific human anti-animal (immunoglobulins) antibodies (HAAAs) be referred to as specific HAAAs rather than heterophile antibodies whenever possible?
Specific HAAAs also interfere with two-site immunoassays by bridging the capture and detection antibodies.