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HAALHayward Area Athletic League (Hayward, California)
HAALHaliaeetus Albicilla (eagle species)
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According to Haal, Lithuania's decision to temporarily lease an LNG terminal outside the BEMIP agreements has influenced the EU's decisions as well.
Allan Summers added a penalty before the break to put them 3-1 up but The Haal took the game to Rutherford in the second period before being picked off with late goals from Darren Turnbull and Williams.
After the war, it was transformed into Rahva Haal, which was considered to have the highest priority in the local mediascape (issued 1940-1994), being the publication of the Communist Party.
GTYR Auto and Allied Gul Ahmed Textile CULT Textile Composite Habib Arkady Sugar HAAL Sugar and Allied Hub Power Co.
Rahva Haal (People's Voice) as the publication of Estonian Communist Party was heavily censored.
The material to be analysed comprises the speeches of politicians published in Rahva Haal between 1944 and 1953.
Toon Van Haal of Belgium tracked down the Grammatica Grandonica in a Carmelite monastery library near Rome.
Now 29, the eclectic Gyllen haal has made surprisingly few movies to date, most notably the weird Donnie Darko, the gay shepherd drama Brokeback Mountain and the serial killer thriller Zodiac.
According to studies carried out in the Department of Journalism of Tartu University, the organ of the Communist Youth League (Komsomol), Noorte Haal (The Voice of the Youth) (6), was regularly or irregularly read by 89 per cent of Estonians in 1976 and by 91 per cent in 1987.
Maria benadruk dat vroue vanuit 'n Christelike uitkyk oor dieselfde geestelike en verstandelike gawes as mans beskik, en sy haal Genesis 1:27 aan: "God het die mens geskep as sy verteenwoordiger, as beeld van God het Hy die mens geskep, man en vrou het Hy hulle geskep.
FOOTBALL NAVAJO LITERAL TERM PHONETIC TRANSLATION SPELLING TOUCHDOWN Hasta Ba yis-dzoh He ran out through the end zone FUMBLE Joocl beh tsah haal The ball came out of his tsid arms INTERCEPTION Joocl ye tsaa yicl He stole the ball from hai e ja the receiver TACKLE Ne encl goh He caught up to him and threw him down BLOCK Yich ah in dot nee He got in front of him QUARTERBACK Shi Keh Ne esh ege The fuy who throws the football LINEBACKER Acl nee goneh ha The spy who is looking dees ee ege out in the middle