HABAMHierarchical Assessment of Balance and Mobility
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The HABAM is a graphic and rapid assessment of mobility and balance in the hospitalized elderly.
We administered the HABAM at the patient's bedside, both on the ward and in the emergency room.
We could not validate the HABAM against several widely-used scales, as they are not feasible for use with many hospitalized elderly patients.
The HABAM is responsive as measured by both the relative efficiency and effect size statistics.
The numerical result obtained with the HABAM is not intended to classify or compare patients.
Regardless of the numbers used in the scaling, we suggest that the real value of the HABAM (and the source of its clinical usefulness) ties in the verbal descriptors.
The HABAM is a new, hierarchical measure of mobility and balance which is valid, reliable, and responsive to change in elderly hospital inpatients.