HACIHope for African Children Initiative
HACIHonda Aircraft Company, Inc. (Greensboro, NC)
HACIHonda Automotive Club Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia)
HACIHalogenated Activated Carbon Injection (mercury emissions)
HACIHill's Annual Canoe Invitational (Pennsylvania)
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Hospitals can greatly assist schools in increasing the number of graduate nurses by allowing staff nurses time away from their regular staffing duties to instruct students, providing financial support for HACIs, and offering the education needed to successfully function in the HACI role.
Staff nurses attend a three-day intensive training workshop in which they are given a variety of tools to help them be successful in the HACI role.
However, while some participants were trained at programs outside the county and were taught by HACIs with no such preparation, the majority of HACIs evaluated in this study most likely attended the region's HACI program.
Conclusion and Future Research The authors strongly encourage agencies considering the HACI model to develop a formal training program to assist staff nurses with the transition to clinical instructor.
The use of a formal HACI preparation program will require study.
The purpose of this study is to determine if HACIs are as effective as faculty employed by schools of nursing.
There was no statistically significant difference in the clinical teaching effectiveness of HACIs and school of nursing faculty.
This study provides early support for the use of HACIs.
The instrument was successfully tested with school of nursing faculty (Reeve) but was never used with HACIs.
A closer look at the underlying data shows that most such cases are associated with very small benchmark CACI or HACI predictions.
Figure 7 shows the minimum (out of the 5 racks) HACI accuracy, again computed per Equation 1, and the total solution time for all scenarios.
in the hot aisles for HACI predictions or in the cold aisles for CACI and inlet temperature predictions, while using a very coarse grid elsewhere.