HADEPHalkin Demokrasi Partisi (Peoples Democracy Party, Turkey)
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I am saying clearly that there is electoral cooperation [for the upcoming general election on June 7] underway between the AK Party and HADEP," Kylycdaroy-lu claimed.
In the 1995 elections, the Kurdish vote in the Southeast went for HADEP, while in the western urban centers, the mostly Kurdish shantytowns voted overwhelmingly for the Welfare Party.
HADEP constitutes the polar opposite of the Nationalist Action Party in terms of its degree of commitment to Turkish nationalism.
In the 1999 elections, HADEP won some 60 per cent of the votes in Diyarbakir.
The EU is also similarly opposed to banning HADEP, as are a number of Turkish politicians.
The leader of HADEP has called on emergency rule -- known as OHAL -- in the southeast to be lifted.
The call, by HADEP leader Ahmet Turan Demir, came as PKK guerrillas reportedly withdrew from the region.
In the southeast we call them `Hizbicontra'," says Ahmed Halim of the People's Democracy Party, HADEP, the main pro-Kurdish party of the region.
First of all, the fear is that any lowering would let in HADEP This is anathema again to Turkey's military, who largely see the Kurdish population as an enemy and have been engaged in a war against the armed Kurdish group, the PKK, for the last 17 years.
Then there are all those who stand to lose if HADEP wins.
The same 10 per cent threshold kept HADEP out too, with the pro-Kurdish party hamstrung by the fact that while it might get huge majorities in Kurdish areas, it gets next to nothing elsewhere.
At the start of June, they were also used to send the leader of the Kurdish People's Democracy Party, HADEP, to prison for a year.