HADRHigh Availability Disaster Recovery (IBM)
HADRHighly Ability Disaster Recovery
HADRHumanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief
HADRHouston Area Doberman Rescue (Texas)
HADRHigh-Availability Data Replication (network technology)
HADRHughes Air Defense Radar
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The Table Top Exercise on March 13 and 14 would be aimed at setting up a scenario of pre and post Tsunami disaster requirements and guide participants to work out Air Force Centric HADR solutions.
According to a US Navy (USN) press release, the MEU's pre-deployment training had focused on the spread of operations, from amphibious raiding, to maritime security activities, to HADR tasks.
HADR is an acronym for Humanitarian and Disaster Relief operations.
Another notable example was PACAF's support of HADR operations in response to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011.
Instead, Washington is focused on rebuilding its alliance with Thailand, engaging in the annual Cobra Gold multilateral exercises, and gaining a permanent HADR facility at the U-Tapao military base.
Augmenting this fiscal challenge is the cost associated with emergent calls for forces and military resources to perform HADR missions, such as the assistance provided to Haiti, during Hurricane Katrina, and more recently to Japan.
We continue to help Mongolia transform its military into a professional, modern force capable of self-defense, border security, participation in international peacekeeping, and HADR response.
HADR is a high availability solution that protects against data loss by replicating changes from a source database, called the primary database, to a target database, called the standby database.
In terms of humanitarian assistance and disaster response, the military chiefs agreed to work on the "operationalization of mechanisms to enhance ASEAN responses to natural disasters, such as the ASEAN Military Ready Group (AMRG) on HADR based on principles of sovereignty and consensus-based decision-making.
Our troops were there to conduct HADR [humanitarian assistance and disaster response] as part of our responsibility to conduct disaster rescue operation and help people who need assistance during disasters,' she said in a text message to reporters.