HAEFHellenic-American Educational Foundation (Athens, Greece)
HAEFHungarian-American Enterprise Fund (USAID)
HAEFHale Area Education Foundation (Hale, Michigan)
HAEFHarlingen Area Educational Foundation (Harlingen, TX)
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In recent years, motivated by the need to raise additional funds and by pressure from its constituencies to spur systemic change, HAEF has become involved in education reform issues.
A grant from the BellSouth Foundation in 1994 enabled HAEF to conduct a community-planning initiative to develop a long-range plan to improve school readiness among area children.
In 1995 HAEF brought together school board members from the five school districts to discuss the feasibility of participating in a national demonstration project, "Public Conversations About the Public's Schools.
With the knowledge gained from its evaluation and from the town meeting, HAEF is poised to bring together representatives from all segments of the community to discuss what changes in the education system and in the community's understanding and attitudes will be necessary to truly support educational excellence.
HAEF recognizes the need to develop a systematic approach for addressing these issues.