HAFEDHaitian-Americans for Economic Development (Wheaton, MD)
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The financial analysis of MARKFED and HAFED has been studied on the basis of various financial parameters of growth.
The business turnover in the MARKFED has been obtained by taking sales/income/accretion plus purchases/expenses/decretion whereas in the HAFED business turnover includes sales (domestic and export), sales by transfer, sales by shortage, sales by gift/business promotion, sales by consumption, and gross bales issued on loan.
The analysis reveals that there is significant difference between fixed assets of MARKFED and HAFED at 5 per cent level of significance (t=3.
The analysis reveals that the mean value of fixed assets to total assets ratio in HAFED is 0.
Size and Financing Pattern of Working Capital in HAFED
The size of working capital in terms of current assets, current liabilities and net working capital and sources of finance of working capital in HAFED for the period 2000-01 to 2009-10 are presented in Table 1.
The Table 1 shows that the current assets, current liabilities and net working capital in HAFED have increased during the study period.
The analysis reveals the dominance of short-term loans in financing of working capital of HAFED.
Financial data for five years (2004-05 to 2008-09) have been obtained from published annual reports of HAFED.
Select financial ratios analysis of HAFED for the period of five years.
Edward Altman of New York University in 1968) of HAFED.
The researchers used Z-score Altman model, which may indicate the financial viability of HAFED.