HAICPHalifax Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
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Financial support was also provided by former Board members; former house committee chair Jane Dent willed the HAICP 200 shares of Union Carbide stock at the time of her death in 1935 while founder and State Legislator Edward Green deeded a multi-family unit to the HAICP years later (HAICP Annual Report, 1942; Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1935).
consistently donated roughly $1,000 per year between 1961 and 1972, with HAICP Board members serving as officers in the local Links chapter (Links Financial Reports, 1961-1969).
HAICP member and later Board president Stanley Tate, son of physician William Tate, recruited heavily from two important hubs of Black upper middle-class life: the Original Forty Club, an exclusive organization of Black professional and political men established in 1915 and The Church of the Good Shepherd, a Congregational church that was for decades dominated by Chicago's Black upper middle-class (Evans and Bowman interviews, 2002).
In 1970, Board member Alone Feaman would inform a Chicago Tribune reporter of the difficulty the Home was having in finding Black doctors to volunteer, as so many did in the past at the HAICP (Landis, 1970).