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HAIPEHigh Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor
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All wideband radios certified by NSA are required to implement the new HAIPE security protocol.
IPS-250X Network Encryptor: The ViaSat IPS-250X is a HAIPE Inline Network Encryptor and supports the secure exchange of classified information up to the Secret level.
TACLANE-1G (KG-175G): Power efficient 1 Gb/s high-speed and cyber defense-capable HAIPE encryptor.
The combination of MANET technologies, black core IP routing, HAIPE and multiple levels of red IP networks, and network management are the basic components of the JTRS networking architecture.
The KG-340 provides full-duplex hardware-accelerated encryption with HAIPE compliant key exchange.
HAIPE is a registered trademark of the National Security Agency.
The ViaSat design is based on the HAIPE IS-compliant KG-250, which brings proven cryptographic flexibility, economies of scale, and an ability to migrate legacy data link systems and applications to network centric communications.
The award adds software features designed to enable military communicators to establish highly secure encrypted links accessible by future HAIPE devices as the DoD transitions to Internet Protocol version 6 (IP v6).
HAIPE encryption devices comply with the National Security Agency's (NSA) HAIPE Interoperability Specification, a suite of features for traffic protection, networking, and management to ensure secure interoperability between IP encryption devices.
New capabilities include support for modeling and simulating HAIPE devices, as well as analyzing their configuration.
By developing a BGAN terminal integrated with HAIPE IS security, we create a near term secure connectivity capability needed by today's warfighters.
HAIPE is a trademark of the National Security Agency.