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HALFHigh-Amplitude Low-Frequency (audio signal)
HALFHomeownership Assistance Loan Fund (Housing Opportunities Commission; Maryland)
HALFHuman Animal Liberation Front
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Excluding those eight properties, the county-wide availability rate would be less than 9 percent, or about half of the current rate.
Compensation growth is being boosted in the first half of 1990 by an increase in social security taxes and a hike in the minimum wage.
The Clippers simply bombarded the Nuggets in the first half, going up as many as 25 points and leading 56-34 at halftime, after Cuttino Mobley nailed a buzzer-beating 3-point shot from a few feet inside of mid-court.
Three of the four submarkets finished the first half with higher leasing activity Fairfield North - on the strength of transactions at 38 and 39 Old Ridgebury Road.
South area - Childwall: 1st half 2009; Allerton & Hunts Cross: 2009 & 1st half 2010; Belle Vale: Mar-Jun 2010; Speke-Garston: middle 2010; Woolton: Jul 2010-Mar 2011; Church: 1st half 2011; Mossley Hill: Mar 2011-Jul 2011 & 2nd half 2012; Cressington: Jul 2011 to end 2012.
Simi Valley (17-4, 8-1) trailed by as many as 11 points in the third quarter but battled back behind Brandon Simon, who scored 17 points on five 3-pointers, four in the second half.
The likelihood of diagnosis was elevated among participants who reported feeling good about themselves no more than half the time after having sex (odds ratio from univariate analysis, 3.
Central London saw a 20% quarter-on-quarter increase in leasing in the second quarter, bringing total activity for the first half of 2002 to 4.
In community property states, each spouse also is treated as owning half the community property.
Although overall consumer price inflation was boosted by higher energy prices during the first half of the year, the underlying trend of prices still appears to have been well contained.
Only about half of these individuals will get much-needed transplants.
Make it in a basket as they do or use a small watermelon half as the base which is a bit easier to handle.