HALISHigh Alpha Inviscid Solution
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The HALIS Healthcare Enterprise System uses an advanced multimedia object and relational database design as its technology base, which significantly reduces the traditional programming that other systems require.
The lawsuit, which is seeking more than $1 million in damages, also named as defendants HALIS principals Larry Fisher, president and chief operating officer, and Paul Harrison, chairman and chief executive officer.
Under the terms of the merger agreement, each outstanding share of HALIS common stock would be converted into one twentieth (.
In addition to improved product marketing and sales activity, HALIS has better positioned its multiple products as separate and valuable assets.
HALIS has added a new member to its board of directors.
The new HALIS software can be used in both an Internet and Intranet environment.
HALIS partnered with PeopleSoft to provide a total solution to the California DHS-GDB.
This transaction puts those rumors to rest, and clarifies AES' position as a valued HALIS customer.
During 1997, HALIS pioneered its "Subscription Model" within the OPMS customer base of almost 1,000 users.
has acquired the orthodontic business unit of HALIS, Inc.