HALOEHalogen Occultation Experiment
HALOEHigher, Adjacent, or Lower Echelons
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Stephen Hoogasian, the IMA who is leading the HALOE team.
Originally, HALOE investigators paid scant attention to the upper mesosphere; they expected it would contain too little water vapor for their instrument to detect reliably.
According to the Met Office website, haloes can vary in size depending on the structure of the ice crystals reflecting the light.
Those suffering from the condition think it is quite normal to see glare, haloes and star bursts around street lights and oncoming headlights.
This mineralization is associated with large haloes of disseminated sulphides carrying in excess of 12g/t Ag as background.
Considered the healthiest bioluminescent bay on the planet, the plankton-filled water haloes bodies in an otherworldly aura and illuminates the underwater life lurking below.
Since Oceana Gold opened the Globe Progress mine in Reefton, they have produced over 250,000 ounces of gold with a significant amount from haloes of gold mineralisation surrounding the quartz veins that were mined historically.
A piece of work well done haloes his head with gravity and holy humility.
The new observations support the idea that the stellar haloes around many dwarf galaxies are the remnants of smaller satellites that were shredded in past merger events.
03 g/t Au down hole and as haloes to logged structures with higher assay values.
President Joe Kizis comments, "Experience has shown that Carlin-type mineral showings of any size, such as those already discovered near surface at Signal, can represent leakage haloes around much large multi-million ounce gold deposits.