HALOTHebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (book)
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HALOT, 530, gives a translation "to select by lot" for the Qal of the root lkd and "to be selected by lot'' for the Niphal of lkd.
HALOT also gives the Ugaritic cognate rqh in the phrase smn rqh ("the oil of the ointment - mixer").
133) In the HALOT entry for *zmr 'to protect,' the source of BHeb zimra 'strength' (so HALOT), we find listed, in addition to the evidence just cited, an Amorite root zmr 'to protect'; the root is listed on the basis of various personal names, best known of them Zimri-Lim (dimri-li'm) 'Lim is my defense.