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HALSAHIV & AIDS Legal Services Alliance (Los Angeles, CA)
HALSAHispanic American Law Students Association
HALSAHoliday Association of Lytham St. Annes (UK)
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To maximize results, it is best to use the Halsa Mat ($39.
Integrationsverket (2004): Nationell samsyn kring halsa och den forsta tiden i Sverige.
Uddevalla: Hogskolan Trollhattan/Uddevalla, Institutionen for Arbete, Ekonomi och Halsa.
When he finally ventured out in July 2002, he headed straight for Norway on an 870-mile trek that ended near the village of Halsa.
The whale first turned up near the Norwegian village of Halsa in September 2002.
Keiko separated from the wild pod after encountering a herring boat, which he followed to Norway's Halsa fjord, to the delight of large numbers of fans.
According to the study "A Plan of Action for a Healthier Working Life" (Handlingsplan for okad halsa i arbetslivet), absence from working life due to ill health was the equivalent of 14 percent of the labour force, or 800 000 work years in 2001.
This work was supported by grants from the Liv and Halsa Foundation, the Finska Lakaresallskapet, and the Sigrid Juselius Foundation.
This week is the big test as K halsa are likely to be the best side in the league this season," said Straw.
In a collection of essays, Etik, liv och halsa (Ethics, Life and Health), Bo Hanson,[8] a theologian, addresses theological perspectives on diseases in general and HIV-infection and AIDS in particular, and also discusses the ethical consequences of brain-death criteria, views on sexuality, problems of genetic research, attitudes toward animals, reasons for codified professional ethics, control of medical research, and views of man in medical care.
As well as corresponding surveys for the project E39 The crossing of the Halsa Fjord situated in Tingvoll and Halsa municipalities.
Speaking at the conference, Sami Halsa, Jordanian Public Works and Housing Minister, said that housing is a pivotal issue that catches the attention of media, all governmental and non-governmental institutions in the society to turn strategies into programs.