HALYHealth-Adjusted Life Years
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Martha Knox Haly looks at the impact of neo-liberalism on the NSW Department of Community Services.
Haly Abbas later described the cell doctrine in terms of ventricles and asserted that apoplexy occurred when all three were congested.
Haly is a Librarian--dedicated to preserving the knowledge passed down from the Ancients.
He returns to live performances this autumn, appearing as the Algerian pirate captain, Haly, for Scottish Opera's new production of Rossini's The Italian Girl in Algiers.
The tradition of coloured fireworks that we see today dates back to Haly in the 1830s.
Rainfall records were kept for each site and season, soil moisture contents were determined at planting (to detect any adverse effects of K incorporation method on starting soil moisture), and, in the case of Haly Creek, profile soil moisture was monitored during the season using capacitance sensors and data loggers (viz.
Dunnick JK, Elwell MR, Benson JM, Hobbs CH, Hahn FF, Haly PJ, et al.
Et utraque potest esse adloquutio vel alicuius principis vel alicuius sui discipuli ad cuius instantiam fecit hunc librum, vel potest dici, ut dicit Haly, quod dicit Co domine' ut honoret volentes studere in hoc suo libro.
Following the ex machina arrival and submission of Haly, the son-in-law whose innovations divided the Sunni from the Shia, Mahomet banishes Epimenide, Maroth, and Haroth to the moon; he concludes with punishments and blessings, including the marriage of two couples, for the others who plagiarized the prayer or were haled to heaven.
This activity, as recounted by Murray, has left a distinctive mark on the city by way of existing niche landscapes such as may be found in Bally Haly (now a golf course), Pippy Park and Bowring Park.
In this group, I have found the following examples: in the name of the, inpe name, in the high haly gast, inpe name of my fadir, inpe honnoure of my modir dere, etc.
PUGS A-PLENTY Clockwise from top left: Patrick Quigley with Pugsley, Brianna Norton and Clyde, bumblebee Tater, parade sponsors David Barr and Gigi Gray with Rudi and Yoda, Best Costume winner Miranda with owner Angel Colonneso, teammates Otis and Haly and Elvis the energizer pug.