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HAM[not an acronym] slang for Amateur Radio Operator
HAMHigh and Mighty
HAMHak Asasi Manusia (Indonesian: Human Rights)
HAMHost Adapter Module
HAMHTLV-1-Associated Myelopathy
HAMHold And Modify (Amiga Graphics Mode)
HAMHandheld Amateur Radio
HAMHonda of America Manufacturing, Inc. (automobile manufacturer)
HAMHigh Altitude Mountaineering
HAMHamburg, Germany - Fuhlsbuttel (Airport Code)
HAMHydrogenic Atoms in Molecules
HAMHumans Against Monsters (gaming, Runescape group)
HAMHealth, Action, Mind (Star Wars Galaxies)
HAMHumans and Monsters (internet comic)
HAMHospital Account Manager
HAMHistory, Allergies, Medications (medical)
HAMHose Assembly Machine
HAMHankel Approximation Method
HAMHaul Ass and Move
HAMHeat Alcohol Massage (things to avoid post Iinjury)
HAMHemodialysis Access Management (surgery)
HAMHierarchical Archive Manager
HAMHospital-Acquired Malnutrition
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The ham flew all into pieces, for underneath the shiny paint it was made of nothing but plaster!
It's as hard as the hams at the cheesemonger's," said Hunca Munca.
Did you give your son the name of Ham, because you lived in a sort of ark?
Then, in the privacy of my own little cabin, she informed me that Ham and Em'ly were an orphan nephew and niece, whom my host had at different times adopted in their childhood, when they were left destitute: and that Mrs.
Then the cat thanked them for the ham, and gave them a pocket- handkerchief and a comb, and told them that when the witch pursued them, as she certainly would, all they had to do was to throw the handkerchief on the ground and run as fast as they could.
I have served you all these years and you never even threw me a bone, but the dear children gave me their own piece of ham.
I shall take a mere mouthful of ham and a glass of ale," he said, reassuringly.
Trumbull's voice conveyed an emotional remonstrance-- "in having this kind of ham set on his table.
It meant--so far as Arnold was concerned--that a private conversation was about to diversify the monotony of the long Sunday evening at Ham Farm.
When she thus claimed his attention the six pieces of ham were arranged as follows in her plate: Two pieces were placed opposite each other, and four pieces were ranged perpendicularly under them.
They tried to argue it away by reminding conscience that they had purloined sweetmeats and apples scores of times; but conscience was not to be appeased by such thin plausibilities; it seemed to them, in the end, that there was no getting around the stubborn fact that taking sweetmeats was only "hooking," while taking bacon and hams and such valuables was plain simple stealing -- and there was a command against that in the Bible.
We sat in the adjacent kitchen in the dark--for we dared not strike a light--and ate bread and ham, and drank beer out of the same bottle.