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HAMAHuman Anti-Mouse Antibody (aka Human Anti-Murine Antibody)
HAMAHamilton Anxiety Scale
HAMAHindu Adoption and Maintenance Act (India)
HAMAHuman Anti Murine Antibodies (cancer)
HAMAHome Against Medical Advice
HAMAHuman Anti-Monoclonal Antibody
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The fighter jets further carried out bombardments against terrorists' positions in a region between the villages of al-Howays and al-Huweija in al-Ghaab plain in Western Hama.
Qaser Ibn Wardan village is one of the main centers and supplying routes for Daesh terrorist organization in northeastern countryside of Hama which turned the citizens' houses in the village to hideouts for its terrorists and warehouses for weapons and munitions.
The Hama region, which has a religiously mixed population, is an intersection between central and northern Syria and the Mediterranean coast.
The UN and its humanitarian partners have delivered food, nutritional supplies, water and sanitation and other items for about 15,000 people on an inter-agency convoy that went to Hama on 4 September,' he said.
At least 10 people died when warplanes struck a crowd of people displaced from Suran, a town north of Hama city that was seized by opposition fighters, reported the Hama-based Syrian Press Centre.
The offensive followed a three-day battle erupted on Friday further west in Hama around Sheikh Hilal village, the Observatory said.
Hamawi noted: "The Hama carnage was used to be taboo, people did not talk about it, not even between themselves.
Demir reported that there were soldiers on roofs of many houses in Hama and many buildings in the city suffered damage in heavy artillery fire, and balconies and roofs of many houses had collapsed.
In Scarred Syria City, a Vision of Life Free From Dictators [NYT] A Western Photographer in Hama, Syria [Lens] Netanyahu to Arab Media: People of Syria Deserve a Better Future [Haaretz] Earlier: Amidst Crackdown, Syria Recognizes Palestine
Rami Abdul-Rahman, the London-based director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said security forces killed three people Monday night in Hama.
Tanks and armored vehicles moved overnight to the edges of the city, including 30 seen near a flyover on a road leading west, they said, a day after hundreds of troops and security police entered Hama at dawn in buses, killing at least three people in raids on main neighborhoods.
Lixto Software, a US-based software company, has announced that Hama, a Germany-based consumer electronics and accessories company, will implement the company-owned Lixto Price Intelligence Suite.