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HAMASIslamic Resistance Movement (Arabic acronym meaning zeal)
HAMASNational Hispanic Academy of Media Arts and Sciences
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Given the periodic Israeli assaults on Gaza, Hamas was well prepared to absorb the 2014 attack and to survive.
Two other terrorists, Afif and Ahmed Jarrah, made the chilling revelation that Hamas had built an attack tunnel within a school playground - from which rockets were being launched.
Hamas has lied about these figures in past wars with Israel in 2009 and 2012.
Israel would gain no respite should territory be ceded to Hamas as a gesture, and Hamas lacks the military power to seize and hold Israeli territory.
Hamas either does not understand the rule of the game or simply just turn a blind eye to it.
Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zahri released an official statement in response to an interview Othman gave private newspaper Al-Watan.
Relations between Hamas and Iran have resumed," Mahmoud Zahar, a senior member of the Islamist group, told a news conference in Gaza Monday.
Hamas rulers in Gaza pay the salaries of 50,000 workers and troops, which presents a financial hardship for the Islamist group similar to that faced by the Ramallah-based Palestinian National Authority.
After the European Union largely aligned itself with Israel's right to respond to rocket attacks from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip during November's Pillar of Defense operation, the status of Hamas as an anti-peace political pariah among a majority of Western liberal democracies is still intact, although the terrorist organization continues to crave political legitimacy.
Skirmishes in Gaza between Hamas and the Fatah-dominated PA security forces escalated to all-out war, in which Hamas' well-armed and better-disciplined military wing, the Ezedine Qassam Brigades, eventually ousted their rivals in June 2007, leaving Gaza to Hamas' cabinet.
With Hamas ruling this area since defeating its secular rival Fatah on June 14, 2007, the Gaza Strip has become a real prison isolated from the rest of the world.
Politically isolated abroad, physically besieged and constantly derided by the media, Hamas can hardly use its rising political profile among Palestinians, or translate its gains into any tangible returns in or outside Palestine.