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Curtis' Story: BBQ Blunder Leaves Boxer with Skewer of Vengeance As the 2015 Hambone Award winner, Curtis will receive the coveted bronze Hambone Award Trophy, as well as a Nationwide gift bag filled with toys, treats and various pet supplies.
To read the stories and see pictures of all 12 Hambone nominees, visit www.
In addition, the animal hospital that treated this year's Hambone Award winner will receive a $10,000 Nationwide-funded award through the Veterinary Care Foundation to treat pets whose owners could not otherwise afford treatment.
Click "next" to see which pet is the winner of the 2012 Hambone Award, as well as the second- and third-place winners and the rest of the top 12 unusual pet-related claims of 2012.
In Two Trains, Hambone, denied what he believes was the just compensation for painting a fence, dies without his ham because he would not take it.
All this influenced what is known as hambone, a style used by street performers, who pat their arms, legs and chest while chanting rhymes.
Clearly, it is not difficult to see a similarity in characters such as Gabe (Fences), Stool Pigeon (King Hedley II) and Hambone (Two Trains Running) among many others that "exist on the margins, outside behavioral norms, and on the periphery of their play's central conflicts" (63).
You can test your coordination on an indoor climbing wall beginning Monday night, enjoy true "fair" food and marvel at the racing of the Hambone Express 3, or what Thurman called the AEF's version of Nascar, on Tuesday evening.
Free entertainment around the grounds includes hypnotism by Suzy Haner, who pulls people out of the audience to join in her act; the Hambone Express pig races; BMX bicycle stunt riders; and jugglers.
Items include instruments, musical styles, and places, and terms such as mojo, hoosegow, hambone, crossroads, devil, gig, hoodoo, jive, sharecropping, and signifying.
Eliot at Faber & Faber, Ford Madox Ford's the English Review, Apollinaire's Les Soiree de Paris, Creeley's the Black Mountain Review, Ashbery's Art and Literature, Lyn Hejinian's Tuumba, Nathaniel Mackey's Hambone, to name just a few.
Terry's hambone slapping style, a technique in which he uses his body as a percussion instrument, was delightful.