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HAMLETHigh-Performance Computing for Industrial Applications
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In addition to those above suggested, the character of Hamlet is an attractive topic.
You are probably thinking I mean the quarter-centenary of the First Folio, but I have in mind the bicentenary of Sir Henry Bunbury's rediscovery of the lost first quarto (1603) of Hamlet.
Timothy McIntosh played Hamlet as the complex and confused young man that Shakespeare created.
Acting Hamlet in the Village of Mrdusa Donja," a 1973 drama directed by the late Yugoslav filmmaker Krsto Papiyc, and "Hamlet -- This is Your Family," a 2001 documentary about an onstage production of "Hamlet" in which several neo-Nazis were employed as amateur actors, are also on the bill.
The intriguing conceit of this book is that Hamlet can be understood not only as a literary character but also as a philosophical one.
The Globe to Globe: Hamlet world tour started last year right at Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London to commemorate The Bard of Avon's 450th birth anniversary and the ambitious objective is to stage the play in all countries during a two-year run.
PENBEDW: Terry Hands and team have been fantastic, but it was Helena Kaut-Howson - a Polish, Jewish woman - who made @ClwydTweets Welsh @GOODRICKLYDIA: Hamlet @ ClwydTweets was so good this evening
Even though the first quarto was the earliest text, its discovery occurred only after Hamlet had become the central text of the English-speaking literary and dramatic canon.
He can save himself and Denmark by killing Claudius, but to kill Claudius is to act out his father's wish and the disaster for Hamlet is that this course of action perfectly coincides with the solution of his own problem.
In fact, the central plot of the play consists in Hamlet trying to reveal what others, whether it be his mother, Polonius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and of course, Claudius, wish to hide away.