HANCHaight Ashbury Neighborhood Council
HANCHorizontal Ancillary Data (Video, SMPTE, DVB, SDI*
HANCHebrew Academy of Nassau County (New York)
HANCHellenic American National Council (est. 1992; New York, NY)
HANCHackers Are Not Criminals (Italy)
HANCHousing Authority of Northumberland County (Pennsylvania)
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HANC can register its clients' pages not only with big search engines such as Yahoo and Altavista but also with lesser-known industry-specific search engines.
Installing a counter on a Web site is a quick and simple procedure, but in addition HANC can provide pages of exclusive data for each client, such as where hits are coming from and the days and the times when the site is most and least active.
HANC is working on solving security issues to make online stores and e-mail transactions workable.
A Central Nursing Station, located at a home healthcare agency, hospital or physician's office, that allows for 24-hour monitoring of both the patient and the HANC unit.
The system links the HANC unit with the nursing station via existing telephone lines.
The HANC Network is the kind of high-tech approach that embodies the concept that it is `better to move data than people.