HANISHome Affairs National Identification System (South Africa)
HANISHanford Nuclear Inventory System
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8221; titled “Healing in the Amazon: Part One”, Pratt speaks with Hanis about how with holistic models of education, consciousness transformation, and indigenous sacred plant medicine help support the formation and existence of intentional communities who seek the social and environmental lifestyle development supported by spiritual evolution and maturation on both collective and individual levels.
Roman Hanis spent ten years working with indigenous Peruvian cultures in the Amazonian rainforest after finding a cure for a terminal, genetic illness in 2002 in the healing forms there.
Andrew Stobo Sniderman and Mark Hanis are co-founders of the Genocide Intervention Network.
A Beijing Youth Film Studio, Yunnan Red River Hani Autonomous Peoples Government, Yunnan Liang Li Film & TV Co.
According to the general manager of the zoo, Jody Henderson, Hani seemed healthy, but she became lethargic.