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HAPEHigh Altitude Pulmonary Edema
HAPEHealth And Physical Education
HAPEHellenic Academy of Physical Education (Greece)
HAPEHeat-And-Power Engineer(ing)
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d, Unwanted sexual arousal hasn't been a problem, as little sexual stimulation is available on most mountain-climbing expeditions, and the last thing patients with HAPE are thinking about is sex.
Our study is the first to describe such a large group of patients who acquired HAPE at moderate altitude, which shows this condition may be underestimated," said lead author Andre Louis Gabry, MD, of Moutiers Hospital, Emergency Department.
SHONTAYNE HAPE insists "nothing less than a win will do" for England against Australia on Saturday.
SHONTAYNE HAPE grabbed a four-try haul as Bradford Bulls mounted their charge on a sixth successive Grand Final.
SHONTAYNE HAPE claimed England were victims of rough justice - as Martin Johnson warned of an even tougher test to come.