HAPSITEHazardous Air Pollutants on Site (field portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer)
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CENTAF Inficon HAPSITE Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer Concept of Operations and Execution," 14 January 2003, 1-2.
HAPSITE Viper is integrated into a chemical analysis vehicle that is designed to protect the occupants.
The orders, which began shipping last week, are for a total of 19 HAPSITE systems and accessories.
The HAPSITE tests for volatile organic compounds and is designed for carrying and use in the field by a single person.
Lukas Winkler, president and chief executive officer, commented, "This significant new order from SEPA illustrates the effectiveness of HAPSITE for important environmental applications and our continuing momentum in this marketplace.
8 million order for HAPSITE field portable GC/MS systems to the US Dept.
We are continuing to provide upgrades of the HAPSITE Chemical Identification System and training to the U.
Syracuse, NY and Zurich, Switzerland 11/30/01--Inficon Holding AG has acquired the HAPSITE GC/MS product line from Unaxis.
The R&D 100 Award recognized the INFICON HAPSITE Viper Chemical Identification System, the only vehicle-integrated gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer that can be easily dismounted from the vehicle for person-portable mission reconnaissance.
Government Procurement of INFICON HAPSITE Chemical Identification Systems (GC/MS) for On-Site Risk Analysis and Emergency Response
Department of Defense for the Air Force illustrates the continuing importance of the HAPSITE Chemical Identification System to the military and the opportunities that our market-leading technology can create for INFICON longer term.
INFICON (SWX Swiss Exchange: IFCN), a global leader in advanced instrumentation designed for fast on-site detection of chemical warfare agents and other industrial applications, today announced it has received a follow-on order from the United States' Department of Defense for the Air Force in support of the HAPSITE Chemical Identification System.