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HAPUHospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer
HAPUHold At Airport for Pickup
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The low prevalence of HAPUs created an excess number of units without HAPU and right skew of the distributions.
This standard set of predictors included average patient age, percent of medical patients, average number of patients in HAPU prevalence studies (a measure of unit size), hospital ownership type (government, corporate system, for-profit, and other not-for-profit), and teaching status.
Interactions of significant RN workload, expertise, and HAPU processes of care main effects were also tested.
32) units participating in HAPU prevalence studies per hospital (ranging from 1 to 14 units).
The estimated percent change in HAPU for one standard deviation increase in the respective predictor variable (Poisson regression findings) and the odds ratios (ORs) for the covariates' effects on the probability of belonging to units without HAPU events (logistic regression findings) are detailed in the table.
Of these, the strongest predictor was shorter LOS, with one standard deviation increase in LOS predicting an estimated 23 percent more HAPU (an average increase from 2.
When a new HAPU was identified, a root cause analysis (RCA) was conducted with all the RNs and nurses' aides who had cared for the patient within the previous three days.
The goal of the taskforce champions was to maintain a high level of awareness and hardwire the HAPU prevention guidelines.
The wound care nurses followed up with patients to identify and meet educational gaps and reinforce the HAPU prevention action plan for nurses.
In accordance with the HAPU prevention action plan and hospital policy, the unit nurses reported to the charge nurses and leadership if a patient refused skincare.
In FY 13, six of the seven HAPUs were either Stage I or Stage 2, while the last was a DTI discovered within the first week of implementing the HAPU Action Plan.
Implementing the HAPU prevention guidelines transformed the way nurses on the orthopedic unit provided skincare, ultimately transforming the unit work culture.