HARCOHyperbolic Area Coverage System
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HARCO is an international distributor, manufacturer, and designer of aerospace air data systems, gas turbine high temperature sensors, on-engine electrical cable assemblies, airframe electrical cable assemblies, and other advanced sensor products.
Brad Eaton, Marketing Manager of HARCO Laboratories, Inc.
BULLETIN BOARD: EXOU) is pleased to announce that its AEGEON Advanced Coatings division has reached an agreement with The HARCO Group, a Brussels-based international distributor, to become the master distributor for AEGEON industrial coatings in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries.
The HARCO Group is a major distributor of industrial products for the international petrochemical industry.
AEGEON's line of high-performance coatings meet the demanding requirements of oil and gas production," states HARCO Group CEO, Harry Babikian.