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HARLHitachi Advanced Research Laboratory (Hatoyama, Japan)
HARLHearing Aid Research Laboratory
HARLHourly Adjusted Recovery Load (energy; California)
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8) The revised Short-Title Catalogite entry records these pages as: Harl.
A call to Halliburton would have provided context to the discussion," added Harl.
Of course, cost estimates change because the scope of work requirements are dynamic and ever changing and it would be inappropriate for anyone to imply otherwise," said Harl.
Most cooks know how many people are coming to dinner when they are preparing food," said Harl.
This project advances our new offshore engineering, procurement and construction management strategy and demonstrates the strength of KBR's experience in the design, engineering and construction of FPSO and subsea systems," explained Randy Harl, president and chief executive officer, KBR.
This is about finding a good way to estimate the number of meals so soldiers can get fed," said Randy Harl, president and chief executive officer, KBR.
We will bear the cost of the potential overcharge -- not the government," said Randy Harl, president and CEO, KBR.
After all Harls were joint bottom of the Section One table - and despite an array of talent were having a nightmarish season.