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HARMHigh-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile
HARMHybrid Adjustable Rate Mortgage (loans)
HARMHydroplane and Raceboat Museum (Seattle, WA)
HARMHigh-Speed Anti-Radar Missile
HARMHigh Aspect Ratio Micromachining
HARMHeat-Assisted Magnetic Recording
HARMHost Aviation Resource Management (USAF)
HARMHoming Anti-Radiation Missile
HARMHazard Assessment Rating Methodology
HARMHeat Alcohol Running Massage (what not to do for a soft tissue injury)
HARMHazardous Atmospheric Release Model
HARMHair Alternative Replacement Membership (gaming)
HARMHair Atrocity Realization Moment
HARMHypoxia-Induced Apoptosis-Resistant Macrophage
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Then I suppose that we ought to do good to the just and harm to the unjust?
But see the consequence:--Many a man who is ignorant of human nature has friends who are bad friends, and in that case he ought to do harm to them; and he has good enemies whom he ought to benefit; but, if so, we shall be saying the very opposite of that which we affirmed to be the meaning of Simonides.
He sought to placate her; he urged his friendly intentions, and craned his neck to have a look at Teeka's balu; but the she-ape was not to be persuaded that he meant other than harm to her little one.
And while Teeka guarded suspiciously against harm, where there was no harm, she failed to note two baleful, yellow-green eyes staring fixedly at her from behind a clump of bushes at the opposite side of the clearing.
How could you harm the little helpless one, that never did aught to injure you?
There can’t be any harm in locking up a creatur’ that will enter the pound,” said the constable, laughing, and closing the stocks on them both.
All he knew was that harm threatened the man and woman and that this nigger intended this harm.
I did not know, I did not mean any harm,' they think it is all right.
I love you all, and have done no harm to anyone; and what have you done to me?
His fancies had for the most part revolved about the unsettled political conditions of Henry's reign, for from these he felt he might wrest that opportunity which could be turned to his own personal uses and to the harm, and possibly the undoing, of the King.
Trent knew that, although broadly speaking he was innocent of any desire to harm or desert Monty, no power on earth would ever convince Francis of that.
Be assured they will not harm you unless you are scratched by them.