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HARNHigh Accuracy Reference Network (surveying)
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Starting out as a very small fitness center and gym in 2008, Nai Harn Gym has grown to be one of the most popular health clubs in Phuket, Thailand and has over 1500 active members from over 20 different countries.
We were able to stop those men before they were able to penetrate the area and shoot anyone else," Mr Harn said.
The security officer was treated at a local hospital and later released, Harn said.
The collection at the Harn is an excellent selection of her works.
After the acquisition, Harn said, Taipei Fubon is going to close its representative office in Hanoi and move its own branch in HCMC to either Dong Nai Province or Binh Duong Province before the end of this year.
CHRIS SHIRLINGROOKE, partner at Liverpool business development firm, Van Harn & Co, will clearly go to great lengths to boost his profile.
La exposici-n fue organizada por el Museo de Arte Harn de la Universidad de Florida y curada por Kerry-Oliver Smith, curadora de arte contempor[sz]neo del Museo Harn.
An RTI model uses assessment in order to place students into appropriate tiers and to progress-monitor students to determine how well they are responding to their current instruction (Coyne & Harn, 2006; NASDSE, 2006).
SOUTHEND: Goalkeeper John Burridge, who joined United on loan from Aston Vi'hi this week, replaces triallist Graham Harn at CfSice tonight.
Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, Gainesville and made possible by Nationwide and the Nationwide Foundation.
Harn Museum of Art, PO Box 112700, Gainesville, FL 32611.
Jay Harn has been named publisher; previously, he was publisher of Northern California's Red Bluff Daily News, a job he's held for three years.