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HARPHealth Administration Responsibility Project
HARPHigh Altitude Research Project (NASA study of the upper atmosphere by instruments shot from a cannon)
HARPHome Affordability Refinance Program
HARPHarappa Archaeological Research Project (Pakistan)
HARPHybrid Automated Reliability Predictor
HARPHypoprebetalipoproteinemia, Acanthocytosis, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and Pallidal Degeneration
HARPHigh Altitude Release Point
HARPHybrid Ad-Hoc Routing Protocol
HARPHealth Activities Recommendation Panel
HARPHealth and Air Research Program
HARPHarmonic Phase Imaging (radiology)
HARPHigh-gain Avalanche Rushing Photoconductor (TIA - TV camera device)
HARPHigh Altitude Reconnaissance Platform
HARPHistoric Aircraft Restoration Projects (Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, NY)
HARPHistorical Area Rejuvenation Project
HARPHackers Against Racist Parties
HARPHarrier Action Review Panel
HARPHyperbolic Retarding Potential Analyzer
HARPHubble Aberration Recovery Program
HARPHigh School Association for the Research of Principle
HARPHumanistic American Religious Party (right-wing non-denominational religious party)
HARPHazard Assessment of Rocket Propellants
HARPHoliday Accident Reduction Program (US Marine Corps)
HARPHelicopter Advance Readiness Program
HARPHometown Assistance Recruiting Program (US Navy)
HARPHornby Area Ratepayers (Canada)
References in classic literature ?
It was Robin Hood, who had borrowed Allan's be-ribboned harp for the time.
Bertram, if you write to your brother, I entreat you to tell him that my harp is come: he heard so much of my misery about it.
And we agreed it would be best to have the harp, for it seems to amuse her more than the piano-forte.
Cecilia; or, rather, as I thought, the ancient harp of the Welsh bards.
He slept with his arms around his harp, as a child sleeps hugging its last new toy.
A general laugh followed this sally at the dentist's expense, in the midst of which the gleeman placed his battered harp upon his knee, and began to pick out a melody upon the frayed strings.
Let a hundred harps be near to gladden the king of Lochlin.
I could not emulate him, so Dan and Felix and Cecily and the Story Girl and I all walked hand in hand, huddling a little closer together as we went through James Frewen's woods--for there are strange harps in a fir grove, and who shall say what fingers sweep them?
ON a certain evening in the month of September (at that period of the month when Arnold and Blanche were traveling back from Baden to Ham Farm) an ancient man--with one eye filmy and blind, and one eye moist and merry--sat alone in the pantry of the Harp of Scotland Inn, Perth, pounding the sugar softly in a glass of whisky-punch.
Then in what sort of partnership is the just man a better partner than the harp-player, as in playing the harp the harp-player is certainly a better partner than the just man?
At the upper end of the room, seated in a shady bower of holly and evergreens were the two best fiddlers, and the only harp, in all Muggleton.
It is as though the Aeolian harps had caught some strayed wind from an unknown world, and brought strange messages from peopled stars.