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HARQHybrid Automatic-Repeat-Request
HARQHigh Availability Resolution Queue (Microsoft)
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The MAC functionality in Lite-MAX(TM) that includes burst management, sleep modes, classification, policing, traffic shaping, security management, and link control, is uniquely carried out in one thread of the integrated multi-threaded processor, leaving the other thread for protocol processing, real-time control, and HARQ processing, thus leading to a zero-host load architecture when a WiMAX interface is added to a mobile platform.
This solution is the next generation on GCT's roadmap and offers higher throughput to support HARQ category 5 and 6, lower power consumption, and integrated USB 2.
The research was compiled through analysis of IEEE declarations of essentiality as well as a full search of patents relating to OFDM, OFDMA, Beamforming, SDMA, HARQ, SC-FDMA, MIMO and Fast Power Control.
BreezeMAX Macro Outdoor base station is a new carrier-class product that is compact in size and supports advanced mobility features such as handoffs, HARQ, Re-use 1 and 4x4 RF diversity.
formal simulator support for 3GPP LTE closed-loop "throughput" measurements using HARQ, based on LTE version 8.
Advanced antenna techniques such as MIMO, STC and MMRC along with HARQ support increase data throughput and range.