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HARSHistorical Aircraft Restoration Society
HARSHigh Altitude Route System
HARSHeading Attitude Reference Set
HARSHeading & Altitude Reference System
HARSHappy As Raw Sewage (punk magazine)
HARSHousing and Residential Services (various organizations)
HARSHIV/AIDS Reporting System
HARSHistoric Area Remediation Site
HARSHighway Advisory Radio System (public service announcements)
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Bid Subject to Acceptance by Shareholders of HARS Systems, Owner of the VIP
HSI") and together with certain members of HARS management, has beneficial ownership of 6,120,475 shares of HARS.
com), a wholly owned subsidiary of HARS Systems Inc.
Simultaneous with closure of the Mud Dump, the site and surrounding areas that have been used historically as disposal sites for contaminated material, were re-designated as the HARS.
Harris Savings Bank is traded on Nasdaq/NM under the symbol HARS.