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HASHouston Airport System
HASHome Automation Systems
HASHaute Autorité de Santé (French: High Authority for Health)
HASHighest Average Salary (employee benefits)
HASHour Angle of the Sun
HASHumanitarian Air Service (UN)
HASHospital Accreditation Standards
HASHigh Speed Arithmetic (package)
HASHelicopter Antisubmarine Squadron
HASHardened Aircraft Shelter
HASHot Air Sauna
HASHoratio Alger Society
HASHit Avoidance System
HASHogere Agrarische School (Netherlands)
HASHigh Availability Subsystem
HASHyper Amorphous Silicon (TFT LCD)
HASHydraulic Actuator System
HASHomeland Air Security
HASHrvatski Atletski Savez (Croatian Athletic Federation)
HASHeartland Apicultural Society
HASHydrometeorological Analysis and Support
HASHCO Area Secretary (Scientology)
HASHanford Analytical Services
HASHealing Arts Society (former group at Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
HASHorticultural Art Society
HASHellenic Actuarial Society
HASHigh Angle Strafe
HASHeaded Anchor Studs (construction)
HaSHuman-As-Sensor (military)
HASHigher, Adjacent, Supporting (USMC)
HASHyperion Sensor Assembly
HASHand-Off AT&T Switch
HASHolding Action System
HASHeadquarters Application System
HASHelleniki Aeroporia Stratu (Greek Army)
HASHomatropine 5% Eyedrops (ophthalmology)
HASHuman Audio Sponge (band)
HASHeight-Adjustable Stand (product feature)
HASHome and School Association
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The reliability of single-item scales, such as those used in this study, has been demonstrated (e.
I try to take one day at a time--really, one minute at a time," said Rand, whose MS has recently gotten worse and who not long ago tested positive for lupus.
Bush's own surgeon general has stated that sex education needs to include condoms and other types of birth control.
The procedures for this protocol require that surveyors review the "actual working schedule" to determine whether inadequate staffing has contributed to quality-of-care problems.
My only fatherly experience thus far has come by way of my role as the owner of my beloved dog, Seamus, whom I treat, as most dog owners do, as if he were my child.
As much as we know that time has passed, nevertheless for us there has been no gap or interval between the two experiences which bracket a period of unconsciousness.
After about 2 or 3 days, the resulting embryo has become essentially a collection of eight genetically identical cells called blastomeres.
Therefore, it is assumed that, whether the adhesion strength (in particular, the dynamic adhesion strength) was good or bad has a considerable affect on the progress of the fatigue.
The respondent, its attorney,a nd counsel for the Commission having hereafter executed an agreement containing a consent order, an admission by the respondent of all the jurisdictional facts set forth in the aforesaid draft of complaint, a statement that the signing of said agreement is for settlement purposes only and does not constitute an admission by respondent that the law has been violated has alleged in such complaint, and waivers and other provisions as required by the Commission's Rules; and
For example, 34 percent of respondents overall--and 43 percent of Boomers--say providing support to adult children has affected their ability to save for retirement.
Donegal and each of which has no assets exceeding [euro] 150 and/ or liabilities, have each resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register, by order of the board Company services ltd assistant secretary (a)Rockview consultancy services ltd having ceased to trade, having its registered office at rock cottage, the square, blackrock, co.
I do not believe there has been a drop in the teen birth rate over the past 60 years because the method of computing the information is faulty.