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HASAHawaii Amateur Surfing Association
HASAHighly Accelerated Stress Audit
HASAHenneth Annun Story Archive (moderated Lord of the Rings fanfiction)
HASAHearing & Speech Agency
HASAHillsborough Association of School Administrators (Florida, USA)
HASAHigh Altitude SIGINT Architecture
HASAHopkins Association for Stroke Awareness (Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD)
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Mr Jones described Fatos Hasa as being "the director, mind and controller of the group".
A dynamic program that tours public schools to spark scientific curiosity in the minds of 9th and 10th graders has received enthusiast response in Dammam and Hasa.
For its part, Gasco has recently tendered a $20-25m EPC contract to upgrade and modify the gas-gathering facilities and related installations at Bu Hasa.
The Ministry must amend the rules of recruiting labourers and transfer of sponsorship in such critical situation and to avoid the increase of illegal employment," said Bel Hasa.
The mission and services of HASA are increasingly important to our community, especially with the growing diagnosis of autism in children-as many as 1 in 150 according to the CDC," said Michael Karfakis, president and CEO of Vitamin.
The second contract, worth about $50m, covers the engineering, procurement construction (EPC) and start-up of a 36-inch, 50-km gasline to link the onshore Bu Hasa field to Habshan, as well as installation of chemical injection facilities at Bu Hasa, a raclette receiver, a condensate separator and a control room at Habshan.
But it seems that in New York, knitwear hasa bad attitude, and a simple thing like keeping warm can make you feel violated.
Going right to the top, Tiger Woods is not only the most talented player - he is also one of the fittest and hasa regular work-out programme.
The culmination of the course was a visit to ADCO's Bu Hasa oil field production site where students learned about typical operations and how oil is processed and piped.
For its part, Gasco in 2003 contracted Larsen & Toubro which is upgrading and modifying the gas-gathering facilities and related installations at Bu Hasa.
Hasa, 19, appeared in the dock at Liverpool crown court after admitting making an application using false details for permission to stay in the UK.