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HASCHouse Armed Services Committee
HASCHospital Association of Southern California
HASCHebrew Academy for Special Children
HASCHome Affairs Select Committee (UK)
HASCHouston Area Safety Council (Deer Park, TX)
HASCHierarchical Administrative Subdivision Codes (international post codes)
HASCHistorical Automobile Society of Canada
HASCHyundai Authorized Service Center
HASCHit Avoidance System Controller
HASCHigh Adaptability Surface Combatant (Ship)
HASCHouse Appropriations Sub-Committee
HASCHigh Availability Service Contract (Dialogic)
HASCHoylake Amateur Swimming Club (UK)
HASCHealth and Social Care (UK)
HASCHead and Spinal Cord
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This panel hashes out the final details of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and its 48 members--34 of them from the HASC and SASC--got, in all, no less than $20.
Representative Everett also was on the HASC for four years, two as chair of the subcommittee on strategic forces.
However, the HASC sufficiently was concerned by the Navy's action that it directed "the Secretary of the Navy [to] retain the amphibious assault ships Nassau (LHA-4) and Peleliu (LHA-5) in a commissioned and operational status until the delivery to the Navy of the new amphibious assault ships America"--LHA-6 and LHA-7, respectively.
Camp HASC, the Hebrew Academy for Special Children's seven-week camp in the Catskills for mentally and physically handicapped children and adults.
4) In a letter of 11 June 2009 to the chairmen and ranking members of both the HASC and SASC, the Adjutants General Association supported "fully funding 78 aircraft for the JCA program," stating that doing so would "provide a critical capability to state emergency management and homeland security missions.
The HASC will likely approve an extension but seek to keep the funding level at $100 million and reduce the time limit to two years.
HASC, Air Force and Army Airlift and Aerial Re-Fueling Programs, 8.
Also important to recognize are the unsung heroes-the Professional Staff Members of the HASC and Senate Armed Service Committee, who dug deep into the issues and provided the proper guidance and information to the members.
HASC white paper: Clinical overflow management plan jar hospitals' overflow.
A HASC spokesman said: "We've fought against these unfair and illegal charges for years and were not going to surrender now.
But is was possible that the HASC Procurement Subcommittee could receive testimony on the proposals.
Market observers have noted that open-access and POS products are particularly difficult to manage in a capitated environment, an opinion confirmed by plan and provider respondents in Orange County (CSHCS 1998; HASC 1998).