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HATRACKHurricane and Typhoon Tracking
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Jeremy Hatrack carries a backpack; He won't show me what's inside.
Before he learns "what women want" in the recent Hollywood comedy, the exemplary male chauvinist played by Mel Gibson reaffirms his "inner man" by pumping up the tunes of Frank Sinatra and dancing with a hatrack a la Fred Astaire.
About 20 miles in, we came upon three caribou grazing placidly about 100 yards from the road - a bull with an enormous hatrack of antlers, and two cows.
We see Stephen's autobiographical anxiety manifest itself in the chapter's action when Stephen and Bloom gaze into a distorting mirror indicated by means of stage direction: "The face of William Shakespeare, beardless appears there, rigid in facial paralysis, crowned by the reflection of the reindeer antlered hatrack in the hall" (553).