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HAVAHelp America Vote Act of 2002
HAVAHarbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (Washington)
HAVA5-Hydroxy-2-Aminovaleric Acid (biochemistry)
HAVAHampshire Authorised Validating Agency (education; UK)
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For the last 8 years, HAVA has served a pivotal role in the lives of thousands of military men, women and their families by enabling them to reconnect with the shooting sports as they return home from active service," said Debney.
At FMG Publications, we consider it a significant privilege to have supported HAVA since its earliest days.
He was attending one of our HAVA events and laughing and having a good time.
Tell your members of Congress to appropriate the $798 million so that state and local governments can complete their vital work on HAVA implementation.
Shelley has come under fire recently because individuals with whom he contracted to conduct nonpartisan voter-education and training activities, as mandated by HAVA, instead attended overtly partisan Democratic Party events.
Since 2007, HAVA has focused its efforts on raising awareness and assisting disabled combat veterans with their healing process through various outdoor activities as they transition back into their normal lives.
HAVA was honored to feature two highly decorated Army combat veterans on our Shooting Industry Masters team to demonstrate to the industry that the HAVA mission delivers tremendous benefits to real American heroes," said Tom Taylor, HAVA Chairman.
The supporting resources from the EAC are crucial in aiding states, localities and civic organizations in their work on HAVA implementation.
Being able to donate our latest and largest vehicle to the HAVA cause is an opportunity for our U.
LWVUS sent more than 25 action alerts on League priority issues, including election reform supporting HAVA funding and the Our Democracy, Our Airwaves Act; civil liberties calling for fixes to the Patriot Act, supporting the Security and Freedom Ensured Act (SAFE) and the Freedom to Read Act; supporting DC Voting Rights and opposing the elimination of DC gun laws enacted by the District's representative government; clean air opposing the dirty energy bill and the "Clear Skies" initiative; campaign finance reform defending the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act and opposing loopholes for soft money; and reproductive choice opposing the Unborn Victims of Violence Act and defending the United Nations Population Fund.
NSSF also urges industry companies to support HAVA.
James Debney, S&W president and CEO, and Jan Mladek, S&W director of marketing and HAVA board member, presented the donation to Tom Taylor, HAVA chairman.